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Chronika, Volume 11, Full Text 

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Letter from the Editor: 

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Brittany Proffitt, University of Missouri

"Seat of Power: The Afterlife of the Achaemenid Throne on Minted Coinage"

Proffitt.pdf Proffitt.pdf
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Francis Mahon, University of York

"The Colonial City: Eden, Amazonia, and the Humanist Imagination"

Mahon.pdf Mahon.pdf
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Jennifer Weigel, Florida State University

"Spears and Speculation: Deconstructing Gender Assumptions in Etruscan Tombs"

Weigel.pdf Weigel.pdf
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Erin Brantmayer, The University of Texas at Austin

"Almost Heaven, West Arkadia: Reconsidering the Ritual Use of Mountains in Late Bronze Age Greece"

Brantmayer.pdf Brantmayer.pdf
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Aleksandra Cetwińska, University of Warsaw

"Breaking Pots? Late Neolithic Rituals Among Paraneolithic Hunter-Gatherers in North-Eastern Poland"

Cetwinska.pdf Cetwinska.pdf
Size : 623.875 Kb
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Konrad Bennett Hughes, University of Missouri

"Imitations and Alterations:Numismatic Evidence of the Relationship between the Varangian-Rus and the Khazars"

Hughes.pdf Hughes.pdf
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Type : pdf

Maciej Sadło, University of Warsaw

"Experimental Studies in the Field of Ballistics on Different Types of Arrow Shafts "

Sadlo.pdf Sadlo.pdf
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Brent Whitford, University at Buffalo

Book Review: McCoy, M.D. 2020. Maps for Time Travelers.

Whitford.pdf Whitford.pdf
Size : 256.903 Kb
Type : pdf

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