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Chronika, Volume 5, Full Text 

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Letter from the Editor: 

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 Letter from the Editor Emeritus:

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Katherine R L McLardy, Monash University. 

"The Megara of the Thesmophoria: Reconciling the Textual and Archaeological Records"

McLardy 2015.pdf McLardy 2015.pdf
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Giorgos Sofianos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

"Imagi(ni)ng ‘The Palace of Minos’: A view from the Architectural Drawings"

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Alexander Mazurek, University at Buffalo

"Etruscan Genucilia Ware: A Discussion on Its History and Past Scholarship"

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Konstantinos P. Trimmis, Cardiff University.

"Hidden Treasures in Forgotten Archives:Exploring the Archaeology of Greek Caves into the archives and the bulletin of the Hellenic Speleological Society"

Trimmis 2015.pdf Trimmis 2015.pdf
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Rachel Dewan, University of Oxford

"Bronze Age Flower Power: The Minoan Use and Social Significance of Saffron and Crocus Flowers"

Dewan 2015.pdf Dewan 2015.pdf
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Constantina Alexandrou, Trinity College

"The politics of currency and the use of images of the past in the formation of the Cypriot national identity"

Alexandrou 2015.pdf Alexandrou 2015.pdf
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Mariya Avramova, The Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Center,  University of Warsaw

"Images of Horsemen in Battle on Works of Thracian Art"

Avramova 2015.pdf Avramova 2015.pdf
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Rebecca Kasmin, New York University. 

"The Vandalism of the Mosaics in the Severan Synagogue in Hammat Tiberias"

Kasmin 2015.pdf Kasmin 2015.pdf
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Ryan E. Hughes, University at Buffalo

"Interview with Dr. Emily Holt, 2014-2015 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow"

Holt interview 2015.pdf Holt interview 2015.pdf
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