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Chronika, Volume 9, Full Text 

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Letter from the Editor: 

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Brittany Stone, University of Kent

"Between Roman and Other: Approaches to Provincial Identity in Roman Dacia"

Chronika volume 9 STONE.pdf Chronika volume 9 STONE.pdf
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Samantha Cone, University of Oxford

"Distinction Through Diet: Assessing the Evidence for Consumption at Late Anglo-Saxon Estate Centres"

Chronika volume 9 CONE.pdf Chronika volume 9 CONE.pdf
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Sarah Hoffman, University at Buffalo

"Somewhere Beyond the Sea: 250 Years of Cemetery Disturbance and Bioarchaeology at Haffjarðarey, Western Iceland"

Chronika volume 9 HOFFMAN.pdf Chronika volume 9 HOFFMAN.pdf
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Tuuli Kasso, University of Copenhagen

"Hues of Art: Pigment Analysis of Unprovenanced Wall Painting Fragment from Pompeii"

Chronika volume 9 KASSO.pdf Chronika volume 9 KASSO.pdf
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Emma Harty, University at Buffalo

"The Making of a Vampire: Demonic Burials and Social Order in Christian Cultures"
Chronika volume 9 HARTY.pdf Chronika volume 9 HARTY.pdf
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Interview with Dr. Kevin Garstki
2018-2019 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow
Garstki Interview 2019.pdf Garstki Interview 2019.pdf
Size : 807.959 Kb
Type : pdf

Interview with Alessandro Sebastiani
Professor of Classics at the University at Buffalo and IEMA Board Member
Sebastiani Interview 2019.pdf Sebastiani Interview 2019.pdf
Size : 804.746 Kb
Type : pdf
Interview with Gonca Dardeniz Arikan
IEMA Visiting Professor
Arikan Interview 2019.pdf Arikan Interview 2019.pdf
Size : 683.938 Kb
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