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Chronika, Volume 8, Full Text 

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Letter from the Editor: 

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Sarah Hoffman, University at Buffalo

"The Ghosts of Christmas Past: Folklore,Archaeology, and Place Abandonmentat Haffjarðarey, Western Iceland"

Hoffman 2018.pdf Hoffman 2018.pdf
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Jason Rasmussen, University at Buffalo

"Fragmented Remains: A Case for Social Memory vs. Violence"

Rasmussen 2018.pdf Rasmussen 2018.pdf
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Patricia Tabascio, University of Oxford

"Figures in Transition: The Half-Open Door Motif on the Velletri Sarcophagus"

Tabascio 2018.pdf Tabascio 2018.pdf
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Kipp Tremlin, University of South Florida

"Ephemeral Creatures: Infant Death and Burial in Ancient Rome"

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Thomas Kocjan, Brock University

"A Woman’s Virtus? Perceptions of the Female Gladiator "

Kocjan 2018.pdf Kocjan 2018.pdf
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Nina Mazhjoo, Concordia University

"Ritualized Body and Ritualized Identity: Recontextualizing the Initiation rituals of the Roman Mystery Cult of Mithras"

Mazhjoo 2018.pdf Mazhjoo 2018.pdf
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C.B. Troskosky, University at Buffalo; Vytenis Podėnas, Institute of History of Lithuania;
and Nathan Dubinin, University at Buffalo

"Quaternary Geomorphology and Viewshed Analysis of the Garniai I and Nearby Late Bronze Age Hillforts (Utena County, Lithuania)"

Troskosky 2018.pdf Troskosky 2018.pdf
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Travel Reports:

Nathaniel Durant, University at Buffalo

"Finding Forts: A Forgotten Landscape in Southeast Romania"

Durant 2018.pdf Durant 2018.pdf
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Type : pdf

Alice Chapman, University at Buffalo

"The Olynthos Project"

Chapman 2018.pdf Chapman 2018.pdf
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Heather Rosch, University at Buffalo

"Interview with Dr. Megan Daniels, 2017-2018 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow"

Daniels Interview.pdf Daniels Interview.pdf
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