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Chronika, Volume 4, Full Text 

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Letter from the Editor: 

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Kathryn M. Hudson, University at Buffalo & Wayne E. Harbert, Cornell University "Pictish Ogam Stones as Representations of Cross-cultural Dialogue"

Hudson&Harbert2014.pdf Hudson&Harbert2014.pdf
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Kathryn Whalen, University at Buffalo. "History and Archaeology: Two Regional Approaches"

Whalen2014.pdf Whalen2014.pdf
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Emlyn Dodd, Macquarie University. "From Hispania to the Chalkidiki: A Detailed Study of Transport Amphorae from the Macquarie University Museum of Ancient Cultures"

Dodd2014.pdf Dodd2014.pdf
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Emily Simons, Victoria University of Wellington. "Thinking About Thera: A Re-interpretation of the Wall Paintings in Xeste 3"

Simons2014.pdf Simons2014.pdf
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Katherine Becker , UCL Institute of Archaeology. "Preserving Archaeological Mosaic Pavements: A Discussion of Context and Access"

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Emma Heidtman, University of Rhode Island. "Community, Conflict & Archaeology in Old Akko (Acre), Israel"

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Ryan E. Hughes, University at Buffalo. "Baking in the Desert: The Potential Personal Quarters or Kitchen at Khirbet Sufaysif, Jordan"

Hughes2014.pdf Hughes2014.pdf
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Book Reviews: 

Alexander Mazurek, University at Buffalo. "The Athenian Agora, Volume XXXV: Funerary Sculpture"

Mazurekreview2014.pdf Mazurekreview2014.pdf
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Conference Reports: 

Hans Harmsen, University at Buffalo. "Marine Ventures International Symposium: Diversity and Dynamics in the Human Sea Relation"

WAC7 report.pdf WAC7 report.pdf
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Zev Gottdiener, University at Buffalo. "Grassroots Mapping and DIY Industrial Monitoring"

Gottdienerreport2014.pdf Gottdienerreport2014.pdf
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Ryan E. Hughes, University at Buffalo. "Interview with Dr. Orlando Cerasuolo, 2013-2014 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow"

Cerasuolo interview 2014.pdf Cerasuolo interview 2014.pdf
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Type : pdf
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