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Chronika, Volume 7, Full Text 

Chronika volume 7 full .pdf Chronika volume 7 full .pdf
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Letter from the Editor: 

letter from the editors vol7.pdf letter from the editors vol7.pdf
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Heather Rosch, University at Buffalo

"Emerging Evidence about Neolithic Western Anatolia: What can be Gained from Studying Architecture?"

Rosch 2017.pdf Rosch 2017.pdf
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Pinar Durgun, Brown University

"Human-Animal Interactions in Anatolian Mortuary Practice "

Durgun 2017.pdf Durgun 2017.pdf
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Florence S.C. Hsu, Temple University 

"The Case of the Minoans and the Modern"

Hsu 2017.pdf Hsu 2017.pdf
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Sara Berkowitz, University of Maryland, College Park

"Staging Death: Performing Greek Myths in Roman Arena Executions"

Berkowitz 2017.pdf Berkowitz 2017.pdf
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Max Huemer, University at Buffalo

"Recreating Jewish Sacred Space: An Examination of Jewish Symbols on Ancient Oil Lamps "

Huemer 2017.pdf Huemer 2017.pdf
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Nils Paul Niemeier, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and Kaja Tally-Schumacher, Cornell University

"Through the Picture Plane: Encoded Narratives in the Garden Room of the Villa ad Gallinas Albas at Prima Porta"

Niemeier  Tally-Schumacher 2017.pdf Niemeier Tally-Schumacher 2017.pdf
Size : 403.381 Kb
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Ashlee Hart, University at Buffalo

"Interpreting Social Changes Through Ceramic Manufacture: A preliminary analysis of Late Iron Age handmade Thracian ceramics"

Hart 2017.pdf Hart 2017.pdf
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Type : pdf

Miranda L. Elston, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"A Persuasive Interior: Reconstructing the Whitehall Palace Privy Chamber"

Elston 2017.pdf Elston 2017.pdf
Size : 648.616 Kb
Type : pdf


Ashlee Hart, University at Buffalo 

"Interview with Dr. Arnau Garcia, 2016-2017 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow"

interview with Arnau Garcia 2017.pdf interview with Arnau Garcia 2017.pdf
Size : 243.654 Kb
Type : pdf

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