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Chronika, Volume 6, Full Text 

Chronika vol6 full text.pdf Chronika vol6 full text.pdf
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Letter from the Editor: 

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Lina Diers, University of Vienna 

"Space and Identity in Roman Moesia: Rethinking Military and Civilian Spheres in a Frontier Province"

Diers 2016.pdf Diers 2016.pdf
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Sylvain Vanesse, University of Liege 

"Between Street Vendors, Singing Slaves, and Envy"

Vanesse 2016.pdf Vanesse 2016.pdf
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Andy Lamb, University of Leicester

"The Rise of the Individual in Late Iron Age Southern Britain and Beyond"

Lamb 2016.pdf Lamb 2016.pdf
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Rachel McCleery, Florida State University

"Being Roman, Writing Latin? Consumers of Latin Inscriptions in Achaia"

McCleery 2016.pdf McCleery 2016.pdf
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Kaja J. Tally-Schumacher and Nils Paul Niemeier, Cornell University

"Through the Picture Plane: Movement and Transformation in the Garden Room at the Villa ad Gallinas at Prima Porta"

Tally-Schumacher&Niemeier 2016.pdf Tally-Schumacher&Niemeier 2016.pdf
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Heather Menz, University at Buffalo

"Insights Into the Function of Ireland's Souterrains"

Menz 2016.pdf Menz 2016.pdf
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Katerina Glaraki, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

"Minoan Peak Sanctuaries of East Crete: A Walking Perspective"

Glaraki 2016.pdf Glaraki 2016.pdf
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IEMA Travel Grant Reports: 

Erika Ruhl, University at Buffalo

"Textile Analysis in Northern Finland"

Ruhl travel report 2016.pdf Ruhl travel report 2016.pdf
Size : 835.367 Kb
Type : pdf

Kathryn Grow Allen, University at Buffalo

"An Ottoman Cemetery in Romania: Report of Research Conducted with the IEMA Research and Travel Scholarship"

Grow Allen travel report 2016.pdf Grow Allen travel report 2016.pdf
Size : 1280.67 Kb
Type : pdf


Ashlee Hart, University at Buffalo 

"Interview with Dr. Attila Gyucha, 2015-2016 IEMA Postdoctoral Fellow"

Interview with Attila Gyucha 2016.pdf Interview with Attila Gyucha 2016.pdf
Size : 533.975 Kb
Type : pdf
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